Tuesday on Tap

Mankato Brewery 1119 Center St, North Mankato, ME

The Tuesday line-ups! October 4 Band: Good Time Gals Food: Pizzeria 201 Nano-Brew: Teri T “Spell on You Brew” (nano with Kato Lager with blackberry lemonade) October 11 - Band: Crista Food: S&B BBQ Nano-Brew: Sully's “Amarillo by Morning” (nano with Mad Butcher with amarillo hops) October 18 Band: Jeremy Poland and Lantz Dale Food: S&B BBQ Nano-Brew: “Darryl & Darrel The Rootbeer Barrel” (nano with Oktoberfest with Sarsparilla root beer) October 25 Band: The Wildflowers Food: The Pelican of North Mankato Nano-Brew: Lisa Kaye & Crew “Honey, Not Tonight” (nano with Kato Lager with honey, raspberry & apple )