Debate is ratcheting up at the Minnesota Legislature as the Senate prepares to vote Friday on a bill to put abortion rights into Minnesota law.  Thousands turned out (Sun) at the State Capitol on the 50th anniversary of Roe -v- Wade to celebrate the U-S Supreme Court overturning that 1973 decision — but also acknowledging the battle ahead in Minnesota:

“Roe vs. Wade is no more…applause. Now it’s our turn in each state and all 50 states across the nation to restore protection for life.”

…Scott Fischbach with Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.  Pro-lifers warn the bill before the Senate would allow abortion up to the moment of birth.  Pro-choicers respond late-term abortions are extremely rare:

“People simply do not do these things for frivolous reasons, and when they have to make these very, very intimate, difficult decisions, they deserve to do it without artificial barriers.”

…D-F-L Representative Tina Liebling from Rochester.