This week in Country music…

TMZ says country star Mickey Gilley has died at the age of 86. Gilley’s Texas club was the backdrop for the movie ”Urban Cowboy”

TMZ says Sam Hunt and his wife, Hannah, have called off their divorce and reconciled. Sam is wearing his wedding ring again. The two have been spotted together in Franklin, Tennessee and are expecting a baby girl at the end of the month

Scotty McCreery tells CMT that Brad Paisley is a huge prankster. “When you tour with Bad, you gotta watch out. He’s constantly pulling pranks. Anytime you’re out there with Brad, you gotta keep your eyes peeled. He’s Mr. Prank himself. They’re mostly harmless, but you still gotta keep your eyes open around him.

Brett Eldredge tells Hello magazine that he and Kelly Clarkson are not dating. “Yeah, those always come. It’s crazy but it’s just people I love to make music with. I’ve been very fortunate to get to work with incredible women, and just powerful human beings and great people too, and to get to share the stage with them, it’s a dream.”

Luke Combs tells KFRG that he and his wife have picked out several baby names for their unborn child.“We’ve got a few that we like, but we’re gonna [wait]… like we don’t want to pick one and then hate it. Like if he comes out and it’s like ugh, you know? I’ve had a lot of friends who were like they picked one, then they were like well this just doesn’t… he just doesn’t look like that… We got a few, keeping our options open.”

OK! magazine claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are having typical marital issues. A source tells the magazine, “It bugs Blake when Gwen decides what they’re going to have for dinner without asking him because she’s mostly vegetarian and he likes his meat and potatoes. Gwen also gets on his case about leaving his stuff around the house. They even bicker over toothpaste because Blake never squeezes from the bottom! The first year is always the hardest. Still, it’s a little early to be pushing each other’s buttons all the time.”