House Democratic and Senate Republican leaders reached a deal on COVID bonuses for front line workers and on re-filling the Unemployment Insurance Fund to avoid business tax increases — and it’s expected a bill will be on the governor’s desk later today (Fri) and he’ll sign it.  Republican Senator Karin Housley from Stillwater says lawmakers heard from a wide range of groups:

“I think everybody that did come before us in the committee over the eight weeks will probably be getting a check here shortly, because they had some compelling testimony.  And so this is a really big ‘thank you’ for all of those Minnesotans.”

Democrats say a “thank you” check of about 750 dollars is not enough.  They wanted 15-hundred-dollar bonuses for all the 667-thousand eligible front-line workers.  But House Speaker Melissa Hortman says her fellow House Democrats…

“They’re a practical group of people who want to get things done and they would much rather get 750-dollar checks for front-line workers than nothing.”