This falls into the “it can’t hurt to ask” category.  When OLD DOMINION was working on their new album, “Time, Tequila & Therapy”, which is out tomorrow . . . they felt one of the songs needed something extra.

MATTHEW RAMSEY said, “As we were writing ‘Lonely Side of Town’, it became this mix of Motown and maybe the Eagles.  Then as we’re listening down to the track, it was just screaming for some collaboration.

“We thought about GLADYS KNIGHT, so we asked the studio manager if they knew her.”  Not only did the studio manager know her, but they’re good friends. Gladys was on-board.  He adds, quote, “She was so gracious.

“She talked about how much she loves country music, and made us see that her biggest songs are really country songs at heart.  And there was no producing Gladys Knight . . . we just let her sing and do her thing.  It was amazing to watch.”

(Here’s a link to clip of Gladys and Matthew in the studio recording “Lonely Side of Town’.  She also goes on about how much she loves the song.) 


–Lisa Kaye