It won’t be long before TIM MCGRAW and FAITH HILL will have NO kids getting in the way of their alone time.

Two daughters have already moved out.  Gracie is an actress in L.A., and Maggie is in college at Stanford.  Their youngest, Audrey, will be 18 in December . . . so Tim was asked if he’s freaking out, or TOTALLY freaking out.  Turns out, neither.

He told Taste of Country, quote, “Here’s the thing, Faith and I, we only had a year together before we had kids.  This will be the first time after Audrey leaves . . . we’re looking forward to what our future holds.”

Of course, they have enough $$ that he can visit his daughters, wherever they are, at the drop of a hat.  And it sounds like he already does that.  Maggie’s in a rock band and Tim is their groupie.  Kinda.

He says, quote, “I haven’t missed a club show yet.  There’s been a few frat party shows that I’ve missed of Maggie’s out there in Palo Alto, but I try to make every show that I can.”




I’m thinking one of the reasons CARRIE UNDERWOOD and Mike Fisher have such a solid showbiz marriage is that they both stay in their own lane.  But it wasn’t always that way.

In a recent interview, Carrie said Mike used to give her feedback, but then she had to lay down the law.

Quote, “I’ve learned not to really let him hear my [music] while I’m writing it or while I’m recording it.  He really only hears the album kind of when it’s done.  Because he critiques.  He’ll tell me what he thinks about it.

“And I love my husband.  And I do care what he thinks.  But, I [say] ‘This is like me telling you how to play hockey.  Let momma handle this.  I got this.'”  (CMT)