VINCE GILL really loves being part of the EAGLES when they go on tour.

In an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning,” he said he couldn’t be more grateful that they even thought of him.  The only difficult part is that he’s replacing a legend, GLENN FREY, who back in 2016, passed away.

He said there are times when he can feel the crowd “holding their breath” when they see him on stage.  But after a couple of verses, they release because they realize “it’s gonna be okay.”

He’s been touring with them for over two years and when asked if he’ll keep doing it, he said, quote, “Absolutely.  I like being part of the band.  I always have.  I was always a little bit uncomfortable being the focal point.

“I don’t like being noticed.  I don’t need preferential treatment, [I] don’t have much of a posse.  I drive myself pretty much everywhere I go and am somewhat abnormal [in that world] . . . but in my mind, it feels normal and I like that.”