It happens all the time in Hollywood:  Actors audition for a role, and the producers hook them up with ANOTHER part in the same production.  Here are some famous examples:

1.  Tom Hiddleston auditioned to play Thor in the Marvel Universe . . . ended up playing Loki.

2.  Sandra Oh auditioned to play Miranda on “Grey’s Anatomy” . . . ended up playing Cristina.

3.  Heath Ledger auditioned for Bruce Wayne in “Batman Begins” . . . ended up playing the Joker in “The Dark Knight”.

4.  Courteney Cox originally auditioned for Rachel on “Friends” . . . got the role of Monica.

5.  Rachel McAdams auditioned for Cady in “Mean Girls” . . . ended up playing Regina.

6.  Rainn Wilson auditioned to play Michael on “The Office” . . . but ended up as Dwight.

7.  Liam Hemsworth set his sights on Peeta in “The Hunger Games” . . . but ended up playing Gale.

8.  Laura Prepon auditioned to play Piper on “Orange Is the New Black” . . . but ended up playing Alex.


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