The Minnesota Association of County Social Services Administrators, also known as MACSSA, awarded and recognized Human Services Director Phil Claussen and Human Services Director of Business Operations Angela Youngerberg, for their hard work in the human services field.

Those that receive that the award must have:

  • ​A solid five-year membership in MACSSA
  • Participated in committees or held office
  • Shown a high level of commitment to serving people in need
  • Exemplified professional standards

Usually given to only one individual, it is highly unusual for the award to be presented to two people. MACSSA, however, recognized the partnership between the duo and awarded them both.

MACSSA President Rod Franks, Health & Human Services Director for Carver County, presented Claussen and Youngerberg with their awards and shared that they were selected as this year’s recipients because they:

  • Work hard together for the betterment of Blue Earth County as well as other citizens throughout Minnesota
  • Share a vision and passion for helping others in the Human Services field
  • Have testified on issues at the State Legislature
  • Have shared what they have learned with their peers
  • Have assisted other counties with the Yellow Line Project
  • Have a desire to improve the lives of the clients they serve
  • Serve with empathy and passion

“This is a really special moment,” said Claussen during the award ceremony. “Our team and our 11 supervisors – they’re the ones that do the heavy lifting. I recognize them as standing up here with us because it’s a team deal.”

MACSSA is a statewide association made up of county public social service directors or other administrative designees. The Association has been in existence since 1946 and is representative of all 87 Minnesota counties.