In honor of June being Pride Month, JAKE OWEN posted an online tribute.  He wrote a few words from the heart . . . and included a surprise song. It’s so good!!

Here’s what he said:  “Some of my closest friends and coworkers are part of the #LGBT community and I couldn’t be more happy for the progress they’ve made.  I’m inspired by people loving people, no matter who you are.

“I believe the world needs more love.  No matter where it comes from.  So with that said, I Googled ‘gayest’ songs of all time and the boys and I decided to put our country spin on Cher’s ‘Believe’.  Hope you dig.”

So, yes . . . the surprise song is him and his band doing an acoustic country version of “Believe” . . . and it’s great.  Especially if you like banjo.  He posted it on his Instagram page.

He also called it one of his “backstage random songs” that he’s going to release soon.  Don’t know if they’re all covers, but.