The issue of Playboy featuring MAREN MORRIS came out yesterday.  There are more PG-13 photos, plus an interview where she doesn’t hold back.  Let’s start with why she agreed to pose.

She was inspired by Dolly Parton’s iconic 1978 “Playboy” cover.  Quote, “I [read] about the drama surrounding this wholesome figure being part of a magazine that showcased naked women.  It was such a faux pas in country music.

“I was intrigued because so many of the moves Dolly made in her career were about bucking the status quo, especially when it came to sexuality and gender norms within country music.  As a woman in country music, it always fascinated me.

“When I heard they wanted to interview and photograph me, I thought, ‘Okay, I’ve seen a lot of wonderful spreads you guys have done with artists I love, such as Halsey, so what the hell?'”

She says the “Playboy” experience has been a fun challenge because she’s trying to do more things that scare her, and “peel back my layers emotionally, and physically.”

They asked if she had any advice for their readers about sex or sexuality.  She started out saying, quote, “Lingerie is supremely overrated and unnecessary.”

There were some R rated portions to the interview after that.  I’ll just leave that right there 🙂  She looked amazing.