If you’ve ever wondered what major celebrity died the year you were born, Buzzfeed.com has a list.  They only give one celebrity per year, and they don’t say how they chose that celeb.

They just said, quote, “It’s like your souls are linked,” which can be a little weird . . . depending on who you got.  Here’s the full rundown, which spans the years 1946 to 2011:

1946:  George Arliss.  He won the Best Actor Oscar for playing a famous British Prime Minister in “Disraeli”.

1947:  Gangster Al Capone

1948:  Filmmaker D.W. Griffith.  He was one of the founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences . . . which you’d know as the people who hand out the Oscars.

1949:  “Gone with the Wind” author Margaret Mitchell

1950:  Playwright George Bernard Shaw

1951:  Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst

1952:  First Lady of Argentina Eva Péron

1953:  Hank Williams

1954:  Artist Frida Kahlo

1955:  Albert Einstein

1956:  “Dracula” star Bela Lugosi

1957:  Humphrey Bogart

1958:  Chemist Rosalind Franklin.  Her work led to the discovery of the structure of DNA.

1959:  Billie Holiday

1960:  Clark Gable

1961:  Ernest Hemingway

1962:  Marilyn Monroe

1963:  Poet Robert Frost

1964:  Composer Cole Porter

1965:  Nat King Cole

1966:  Walt Disney

1967:  Poet Langston Hughes

1968:  Helen Keller

1969:  Judy Garland

1970:  Jimi Hendrix

1971:  DesignerCoco Chanel

1972:  Baseball legend Jackie Robinson

1973:  Artist Pablo Picasso

1974:  Aviator Charles Lindbergh

1975:  “Twilight Zone” creator (slash) host Rod Serling

1976:  Billionaire Howard Hughes

1977:  Elvis Presley

1978:  Artist Norman Rockwell

1979:  Actress Mary Pickford

1980:  Alfred Hitchcock

1981:  Bob Marley

1982:  Grace Kelly

1983:  Playwright Tennessee Williams

1984:  Actor Jackie Coogan  (He was Uncle Fester on “The Addams Family”.)

1985:  Actor Orson Welles

1986:  Artist Georgia O’Keeffe

1987:  Fred Astaire

1988:  Roy Orbison

1989:  Artist Salvador Dalí

1990:  Jim Henson

1991:  Dr. Seuss

1992:  Actress Marlene Dietrich

1993:  Audrey Hepburn

1994:  John Candy

1995:  Ginger Rogers

1996:  Gene Kelly

1997:  Jimmy Stewart

1998:  Frank Sinatra

1999:  Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain

2000:  Alec Guinness

2001:  Aaliyah

2002:  Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret

2003:  Katherine Hepburn

2004:  Marlon Brando

2005:  Sandra Dee

2006:  Don Knotts

2007:  Anna Nicole Smith

2008:  Heath Ledger

2009:  Brittany Murphy

2010:  Leslie Nielsen

2011:  Apple founder Steve Jobs

There’s no love for the young kids . . . just like there’s nothing for the old folks 73 and above.  Apparently, they figured no one would recognize the people who died before 1946, and that no one younger than eight is reading Buzzfeed.  Thankfully.

(Hit up OnThisDay.com for MORE people who died during your birth year.  You can even see if anyone famous died on your actual birthday.)