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If you like going to concerts with your parents . . . and who doesn’t . . . get tickets to THOMAS RHETT’s “Very Hot Summer Tour.”  Hey, he’s letting his dad tag along.  RHETT AKINS is one of the openers.  Check out the September 7th show in St Paul.

But Thomas has a sneaking suspicion your parents want to go. “I think there’s a lot of people that are gonna come to the concert to see my dad, like a bunch of people that loved him in the ’90s.

“They’re gonna get to come to the show to get to watch some of the ’90s influence and get to, honestly, to be blown away by how many hits he’s written in this genre.”

The other two openers are DUSTIN LYNCH and RUSSELL DICKERSON, and he’s sure that’s going to cover all the bases.  “Going from [my dad] to Russell is going to be such a wild turn of events, and then to Dustin, and then to us.

“But I think it’s going to be a pretty well-rounded tour and I think people are going to walk away with a lot of different kind of vibes from the show.”