Remember last year when the Aussie crowds talked country stars like LUKE BRYAN and LUKE Combs into doing a “shoey?”  It’s where you drink alcohol out of a shoe, or boot, or some kind of footwear.  For the record–THEY DID IT!!!  Gag.

**There is some language in this video**

John Osborne (Brothers Osborne) also did a Shoey.

Well, they tried that on KACEY MUSGRAVES at her show in Sydney on Sunday and she wouldn’t play.  First she tried to be nice by pointing out that she was wearing open-toed shoes so it wouldn’t work with her footwear.

So somebody offered her their cowboy boot, and that grossed her out.  She said, quote, “I’m not [effing] drinking out of your shoe.”  She added, quote, “You could have athlete’s foot or something.”

Then the crowd came up with the idea of her drinking out of a band member’s shoe.  That put an end to it.  She said, quote, “That’s disgusting.  I’m not [effing] drinking out of their [effing] shoes.”

Nicely done Kacey.  🙂


KACEY MUSGRAVES caved into the Aussies and did a “shoey” at her show in Melbourne.  But she did it on her OWN terms.  She pulled out a glass slipper of her own and had a band member pour out some tequila.  Kinda reminded me of “Boot Night” at the Caledonia…..anyone???? LOL

She told the crowd, quote, “I guess in Sydney, I wasn’t really in the mood, but it’s our last show . . . so I’ll do one for you.”  After drinking it she said, quote, “So, basically . . . you’re welcome.”

Good Sport–still not drinking from anyone’s actual shoe!  🙂