Spirit of Youth Award honorees will be recognized 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 22 in the Lincoln Community Center auditorium, 110 Fulton Street.


  • Drew Campbell–Outstanding Community Volunteer
  • Ron Flynn–Outstanding Youth Worker
  • Kelli Hanson Magnuson and Ayan Musse–Outstanding Parent Volunteers
  • Dejanae I. Hampton and Tristan Altenburg–Outstanding Youth
  • Marit Nelson, Megan Hiniker and Timothy Cain–Outstanding Youth
  • Jen Grosland–Outstanding Educator
  • Kelly Firkins–Outstanding Advisor

Spirit of Youth is an annual recognition event that honors outstanding youth, youth organizations, community volunteers, educators, businesses, and coaches/advisors for their work in youth asset building. Awards will be presented by members of the Mankato Area Public Schools’ Community Education and Recreation Department Advisory Council.

The public is invited to attend this no cost event.