Crews are working on Highway 93 from Highway 169 to Le Sueur Tuesday as the flooding from the Minnesota River has receded from the roadway.  Highway 93 could open as early as Tuesday evening, April 9.  Highway 93 will be limited to 7-ton axle loads for the next couple weeks due to the saturated soils under the roadway.

The Highway 93 bridge over the Minnesota River at Le Sueur has been inspected and is safe to open to motorists as soon as the debris is removed and the damage repaired to the shoulders of the Highway 93 roadway.  The bridge deck experienced a minor shift (1/2 inch) when ice and water was flowing against the bridge.  After the water receded, the bridge deck shifted back about half that distance (1/4 inch) and is well within an acceptable range.  Bridges are engineered for some movement and bridge experts, who have been monitoring the flooded bridges daily, are able to confirm that the bearings are in good shape and the bridge is safe for travel.

Water has also receded on Highway 93 from Highway 169 into Henderson.  Crews are working on the road to clear silt and tree debris, but water levels remain too high to complete repairs in an area that has seen more significant damage. At this time, there is not a timeline for reopening 93 to Henderson.

Water continues to flow across Highway 19 from Highway 169 into Henderson making it unsafe for travel.

MnDOT continues to monitor the remaining highway segments closed due to flooding.  Highways and bridges impacted by floods need to be inspected for damage and safety prior to opening.

Highways that remain closed:

  • Highway 93 between Highway 169 and Le Sueur (closed March 20 – opening April 9)
  • Highway 19 east of Henderson (closed March 19)
  • Highway 93 south of Henderson (closed March 16)

Highways open:

  • Highway 99 Minnesota River Bridge at St. Peter (closed March 20 – open April 5)