Some online “challenges” are used for good, for example, the Ice Bucket Challenge.  And others are dangerous, like the Tide Pod Challenge.  But most of them are just dumb entertainment, like this . .

The newest online challenge is called the “Florida Man Challenge,” and it’s based on the fact that so many stupid criminal stories come out of Florida.

Here’s how to do it:  Just google the term “Florida man,” followed by your birthday.  So, if your birthday is June 22nd, you’d google, “Florida Man June 22nd.”  And a headline from a stupid Florida Man criminal story should be one of the first results.

You might have to poke around a little.  But the point is, there are so many Florida Man stories, you’ll eventually find one that happened on your birthday.  Then you post it on social media. OK Socials, here ‘ya go.

My Birthday is Feb 19th. My headline came from THIS LINK

Let’s be clear…

I get paid to do this.  From work.  LOL