KACEY MUSGRAVES says she is excited about performing at the Grammys on Sunday.  She’s also up for four awards, but even if she doesn’t win anything she said she’ll be okay because she’s planning to “find the fun.”


Look for her to perform twice. Once should be as a part of the Dolly Parton tribute and another time, on her own.  I am thinking she will probably sing her new tune “Rainbow.”

When asked how nervous she is about it she said, “I’m getting to perform songs that I really, truly love and feel comfortable singing.  So, I feel like I don’t really have anything to feel nervous about.”

She also loves the “glam and the wardrobe” part of the Grammys, so it might be fun to check out her different outfits.  There’ll be at least four, right?  The red carpet, two different performances . . . and whatever she’s wearing during the show?  I should try to keep count.  She is bringing her husband Ruston Kelly, so it should be a good date night!

The Grammys will be on CBS, Sunday night.